Scott Lau Consulting provides the highest level of personal service to meet each client’s specific goals and objectives. Specific programs are developed after carefully listening to these needs and analyzing a client’s individual business and organization. All clients are managed personally by Scott Lau.

The following general descriptions list examples of our specific services; however, our work is individually tailored dependent on the client’s goals and objectives.


Business development for manufacturers marketing to architects and national accounts

Relationships with architects and large national accounts are critical to the success of selling any manufacture’s products. If a product is not listed in the specifications, it creates a barrier to successful bidding and makes the submittal process more time consuming and difficult. We provide our clients with the highest level of assurance that their product(s) will not only be specified, but that long-term relationships will be built. These continuing relationships lead to products becoming the standard of design.

Service Examples:

  • Developing and presenting PowerPoint and other types of presentations to a targeted group of customers
  • Cultivating sales call planning programs to increase sales and market penetration
  • Training sales teams to become trusted architectural consultants able to foster long-term customer relationships and provide stronger specifications
  • Coaching sales teams to achieve their CDT and CCPR certifications


Marketing programs to increase sales and improve market penetration

Programs to increase sales and market penetration must be fully coordinated and properly targeted. A sales program includes both sales goals and performance objectives. Input from the sales team is critical in formulating realistic sales targets that have optimum stretch. In addition, the marketing program must support both the short-term and long-term efforts of the sales team.

Service Examples:

  • Analyzing the client’s business plan and corporate financial and sales goals to develop a marketing strategy
  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the product(s), customer service, sales team, sales training, after sale service, and the effectiveness of the marketing program
  • Developing a fully coordinated, targeted sales and marketing program and assisting in its implementation
  • Researching competition


Product and sales force training

Regularly scheduled and organized sales training is a key element to optimize the effectiveness and the success of any sales team. Training is conducted for a group or with individual sales persons in the field. Basic to advanced sales training programs are developed based on the client’s specific objectives and goals.

Service Examples:

  • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a sales team or individual sales person regarding product knowledge, sales trip planning and time management skills, personality characteristics, understanding of company goals and expectations, and ability to create customer loyalty and build long-term customer relationships
  • Increasing sales by using the strengths of the sales team more effectively and reducing their weaknesses. Because each sales person and sales team is different, the objective of training is to build up natural abilities and operating style, to help each individual become more successful
  • Assisting in the development of both sales goals and performance objectives as well as personal goals for individuals or teams


Time management

Time management is one of the most important, yet one of the most overlooked, aspects of sales and sales management. Improving the time management of a sales team will increase sales and create a more positive attitude within the team.

Service Examples:

  • Analyzing the time management habits and methods of a particular sales person or sales team
  • Creating time management training programs
  • Conducting seminars on time management, trip planning, and goal setting


Programs to open new markets or expand sales in Brazil and Latin America

Brazil as well as other countries in Latin America offer medium and small size companies major opportunities to expand their international business. Our experience in these markets and multilingual communication abilities provide our clients with unique possibilities and perspectives.

Service Examples:

  • Researching markets for potential sales volume, competition, business methodology, and particular political and economic risks
  • Developing business and marketing strategies
  • Cultivating marketing and sales programs
  • Coordinating participation in trade shows and trade missions
  • Directing sales training and management at home and in country


Small business coaching and consulting

Often, small businesses need external guidance to help solve a particular business challenge or analyze a growth strategy. Scott Lau has worked for Fortune 500 firms as well for small businesses, but the majority of his career has centered on small businesses.

Service Examples:

  • Developing business and sales strategies
  • Creating and implementing targeted sales and marketing programs
  • Managing sales training
  • Providing a “sounding board” for small business owners


Sales assistance and training for manufactures’ representatives

Most manufacturers’ representatives operate on tight budgets. Periodically, they need temporary sales services to augment their sales program.

Service Examples:

  • Training new salespeople or individuals who are underperforming
  • Arranging supplemental visits to architects, engineers, or customers
  • Coaching to assist in developing sales and marketing strategies and programs, product presentations, and hiring new sales persons